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Darchinyan dominates Guerrero; Angulo gets the shrift against Zappavigna

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On tonight's Shobox, unified super flyweight titlist Vic Darchinyan scored a wide unanimous decision over unknown but very game contender Rodrigo Guerrero.  The final scores were 118-110, 117-111 and 120-108.  Bad Left Hook scored the fight 119-109.

Not much was expected from this fight, which was originally slated to be an undercard for Abraham-Dirrell, but the novice Guerrero put up a tougher than expected fight.  For the first few rounds, the two were in a dogfight, with Darchinyan outboxing Guerrero on the outside, but Guerrero occasionally pinning Darchinyan up against the ropes and unloading on him there.  However, as the fight wore on, Darchinyan realized he was able to counter the inexperienced Guerrero almost at will, and he did a very rare thing for Vic Darchinyan - boxed backwards.  Fortunately, it worked brilliantly for him, and he was able to dominate much of the rest of the fight.

While Darchinyan looked pretty good and dominated the fight, Guerrero is someone who we can probably expect to see on TV again.  He took Darchinyan's best shots all night long and just kept coming forward.  Not only did he keep moving, but every time it seemed like he had nothing left, he was able to dig deep and come back with a few more big punches.  He made a tremendous display of heart and chin, and if he's built up against successively better opponents, he still could be someone down the line. 

After the fight, Darchinyan said this will be his last fight at 115 if he can't get a fight against Nonito Donaire, who he belittled by suggesting that Guerrero could beat him.  If Donaire isn't able to make the fight, then he'll be moving to 118 to fight "better champions."

On the undercard, Leonard Zappavigna, or Lenny Zappa, pulled out an undeserved decision over Fernando Angulo, with scores of 116-111, 114-113 and 116-111.  Bad Left Hook had the bout scored 115-112 in favor of Angulo. 

Zappa was able to win rounds early by landing a few punches and clinching, preventing Angulo, who took the fight on two-weeks' notice, from getting into a flow.  However, around the fourth round, Angulo started to find his range, and became the persistent volume puncher that I've come to know and love.  In the sixth round, Angulo opened up a huge cut over Zappa's left eye that really seemed to bother Zappa for the rest of the fight. Still, the California judges (including the increasingly uneven Glen Hamada) found a way to protect the promoter's fighter, giving Zappa the decision.  114-113 might have been an acceptable score, but 116-111 was beyond reality. 

For Zappa, this probably means taking a step back in his next fight.  He looked like an exciting blood and guts fighter, in the mold of countryman Michael Katsidis, but he just doesn't look to be world class at this point.  For Angulo, it's yet another tough decision gone the wrong way.  Hopefully he won't take 10 months off between this and his next fight.