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New Pick'Em Game at The Boxing Bulletin

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Bulletin-xl_medium Since we shut down our pick'em game last year because it became such a hassle to keep tabulating week in and week out, we've been asked many times if or when we'd bring it back. Well, we're not going to.

But good news. Our friends at the SB Nation boxing blog The Boxing Bulletin have picked up the slack, and are starting a more in-depth version of the game, starting this week with three fights from the Pacquiao-Clottey clard, plus the British super middleweight title fight between Paul Smith and Tony Dodson.

For those who haven't signed up at TBB yet but are BLH members, it really could not be simpler. Since you already have an SB Nation account, all you have to do is click to join over there. You'll keep the same username and password and all that that you have here. TBB features some excellent analysis, so it's a win-win situation for you.