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Ricky Hatton is training, not retiring

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Speaking with Sky Sports News (via Terence Dooley of, Ricky "Hitman" Hatton debunked the rumors that he'd decided to retire, which came in like a tidal wave last night. He says he's in training for a return, and is talking with Golden Boy Promotions about fighting Juan Manuel Marquez sometime this year.

Hatton, 31, has apparently gone back and forth on the decision to return or retire, so much that it's worth wondering if he's still truly sure what he's doing.

But even with the news last night that Ricky was going to hang 'em up, it seemed unlikely that he was really going forever. I know I still suspected we'd see him fight again, and many must have felt the same.

This isn't over, either. Hatton (45-2, 31 KO) has no opponent named for a rumored summer return in Manchester, and there's really been no serious discussion of that either. His weight has been reported at around 200 pounds at his heaviest during his last 10 months out of the ring, which is 60 pounds over his optimum fighting weight.