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Mandatory Eight Count: Mayweather Mania!

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Pacquiao-Clottey Fight: One Bout Away from Mayweather? (TIME)
TIME, like most mainstream publications, isn't much interested in anything to do with Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr., except for a fight between the two of them.

1 charge dropped in Roger Mayweather battery case (USA Today)
A felony coercion charge was dropped against Roger Mayweather in his battery case against Melissa St. Vil from last August. He still faces battery-strangulation and battery causing substantial bodily harm charges. He could be looking at up to 10 years in prison.

Mayweather 'associate' arrested in Vegas shooting (Associated Press)
Ocie Harris, an alleged associate of Floyd Mayweather Jr., was recently arrested in Chicago and extradited to Las Vegas in that Crystal Palace Skating Center shooting case from last August.

Filipino media reps were on time but Mayweather stiffed them (
Two Filipino media guys were supposedly snubbed by Floyd Mayweather Jr., which caused a minor online stir. Michael Marley discusses the situation.

Allegations of Mayweather Racism Are Irresponsible and Juvenile (Inside Fights)
Paul Magno of Inside Fights also discusses the Mayweather/Filipino media dispute. It's really not the biggest thing in the world, but it's entertaining reading on both sides.

UFC: Toney lowers the MMA tone with spectacle not sport (Telegraph)
Gareth A. Davies of the Telegraph has had one of the strongest reactions to James Toney signing with UFC, calling it "pointless" and "ridiculous." Davies has covered both sports for a good while, and knows the games. Just to add my own thoughts, since we've talked about it a bit but I wanted to mull it some before really saying much, I really hate the move. I find the signing a bit despicable simply because Dana White and UFC know what they're getting. Dana's talked to Toney, which was caught on video posted to YouTube, and knows he's not getting some dedicated guy that's going to really give it a go. He's getting a name patsy who, if he ever even steps in a cage (which I still doubt), will not be properly prepared. So it's a cherry-picking thing. Say what you will about Kimbo Slice, but he worked hard to try and learn the game. I'll guarantee James Toney will not. Toney and Ricardo Mayorga are two really egotistical guys with massive "personality" flaws, at least in terms of professionalism. And those are the boxers going to MMA. It's not a coincidence.

Mills Lane to be honored by boxing writers (AP)
Longtime boxing referee Mills Lane will be honored with the James A. Farley Award by the Boxing Writers Assocation of America. Let's get it on!

Mike Tyson’s Return to Boxing: Still Coming in 2010 (Ringside Report)
Geno McGahee of Ringside Report is still adamant that Mike Tyson will fight again in 2010. If Tyson fights, he's going to get run the f**k over. Does anyone remember that Tyson couldn't handle Danny Williams and Kevin McBride? It wasn't just the greatest Lennox Lewis knocking out Tyson and then it ended. He kept going, and it got really sad. Mike has done a lot to get his life in order, has emerged with a second celebrity life, and a boxing comeback where he gets creamed by Mike Mollo or somebody is about the last thing he needs. He turns 44 in June and is more than just the concrete 20 years removed from his ferocious prime. It just will not go well.

And this, just because I found it funny: