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Fight rumors - Alexander vs. Maidana, Toney vs. Banks and more

Devon Alexander could return this summer against Marcos Maidana.
Devon Alexander could return this summer against Marcos Maidana.
  • According to Boxing Talk, Devon Alexander should be back in action on HBO in August.  The early frontrunner for the fight is Marcos Maidana, who just obliterated previously undefeated Victor Cayo.  Both Alexander and Maidana have expressed interest in the fight, and it could be a good fight for everyone involved.  Alexander matches up extremely well with Maidana, and it's unlikely that Golden Boy will try to prevent the fight, since it would not only be a high profile fight for Maidana, but also the power punching Argentine would no longer be the mandatory for chinny Amir Khan whether he wins or loses.
  • Over at Fight Hype, Johnathon Banks and James Toney have been jawing back and forth about a proposed fight on Showtime.  Toney hasn't shut his yap in years about his inability to get meaningful fights, and even recently signed with UFC to try his hand at MMA, so this seems like about as good of an opportunity as he's going to get.  Toney's extraordinarily entertaining response (NSFW) is here
  • According to Gandul (link in Romanian), the Romanian government is looking to bring Bute back to Romania for his next fight after Edison Miranda in July.  They're quoted as saying they want a big name opponent and for the fight to be on HBO, but there's a fat chance that happens.  Until his mandatory is named (the winner of Bika-Brinkley) or fighters get eliminated from the Super Six tournament, his potential opponents are pretty slim pickings in terms of names.  
  • Via Per Ake Persson, the WBA may mandate a title fight between Gennady Golovkin and Anthony Mundine for the WBA "regular" paper title.  The real titlist is Felix Sturm, who was promoted to super champ for no reason.  Golovkin is in a contract dispute with his promoter, and Mundine hasn't fought a live body in years and refuses to leave his comfy home confines (where he makes big bucks fighting nobodies), so I won't believe this one until papers are signed. 
  • This one's final - according to Boxing Scene, Carlos Tamara will make his first title defense against Luis Lazarte in Argentina.  This will be Lazarte's fifth shot at a title.  At least Tamara's team was realistic about this one, saying they took the biggest offer they saw for what they felt was a safe fight.  The winner will need to face Ulises Solis.
  • The previously rumored bout between Steve Cunningham and Troy Ross is closer than ever to being made.  The IBF has officially ordered a purse bid for the two to face off.  As of today, Cunningham is a promotional free agent, so hopefully he can get his career back on track after woeful mismanagement by Don King.
  • According to RT, talks have broken down for a fight between Wladimir Klitschko and Alexander Povetkin. Povetkin is stuck in a bind until the talks resume or the IBF orders a purse bid.  The IBF has informed Povetkin's team that they will strip him of his mandatory status (earned over two years ago) if he takes any other fight, but the IBF hasn't set a date for an official purse bid yet. 
  • Rumors are still floating around that Emmanuel Steward will be Miguel Cotto's trainer.  This has been reported in a few unofficial sources, but nothing official has come from Cotto's camp yet.

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