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Mandatory Eight Count - Trials and Errors

Maybe if Spinks spent more time training and less time getting into trouble, we'd be seeing him in places other than mug shots.  via <a href=""></a>
Maybe if Spinks spent more time training and less time getting into trouble, we'd be seeing him in places other than mug shots. via

Mayweather-Mosley to be shown in movie theaters | Fathom Entertainment

Much like Mayweather-Marquez and Hopkins-Jones, the big May 1 bout will be shown live in movie theaters.  Check the link above for participating locations.

Devon Alexander may face Andriy Kotelnik | Boxing Scene

Kotelnik recently became a free agent in part of the avalanche to leave Universum.  He hasn't fought since being decimated by Amir Khan, but says he wants to make his U.S. debut.  With Marcos Maidana now facing Timothy Bradley next, Alexander has targeted Kotelnik as his next opponent.  Kotelnik is another legitimate top 10 guy, but who knows if he'll actually sign onto this.  He has said he wants to move up to welterweight, and that one of the sanctioning bodies has already agreed to move him into the top 3 if he does so. 

Pelenchin signs with DiBella Entertainment ...| MaxBoxing

After this weekend's demolition of Daud Yordan in a card promoted by Lou DiBella, DiBella was impressed enough with Celestino Caballero that he has signed Caballero to fight with DiBella Entertainment.  Maybe this will help him get one of those big fights he's been looking for.

...but doesn't get the WBA interim title | various internet chatter

It is rumored that Caballero trainer Jeff Mayweather has said that the fight did not get approval for a WBA interim title, despite earlier reports.  This makes sense in the context of there being no actual belt present at the fight.  If it had been for that title, he would have been the mandatory for either Chris John or Yuriorkis Gamboa.  While a Caballero-Gamboa fight was supposed to be on the table, Caballero was so dangerous looking against Yordan that I would be surprised if Top Rank doesn't take a step back from that original proposition.  If he doesn't have this belt, then there's nothing forcing that fight to happen.  If I get a reliable source for this one, I'll post it here.

Mike Jones to face Antwone Smith? | ESPN

Hidden in Dan Rafael's scorecard, Rafael says that the main supporting bout for Cotto-Foreman is almost set.  It will definitely feature Mike Jones, and the two opponents that HBO has approved are Antwone Smith (who's coming off a demolition win this weekend) and Luis Carlos Abregu (whose proposed fight with Timothy Bradley was dropped in favor of Bradley-Maidana).  Either way, it's nice to see them making a legitimate prospect-prospect fight between relatively exciting fighters as the co-feature for what could be a somewhat boring main event.  Also noted in the scorecard was an announced attendance for Holyfield-Botha of just over 3,000.

Celebrity boxing promoter arrested for fight fixing | Fox 411

Damon Feldman, who has promoted a number of celebrity boxing events, has been arrested and is accused of being an unlicensed promoter and fight fixing.  I'm not sure how much of a leg there actually is here - nobody has ever said celebrity boxing is pro boxing, and it distinctly ISN'T pro boxing, as they use headgear and sparring gloves and the like.  I can't say I'm shocked to find out that the fights are fixed, but I'm not sure how this is so different from the fights in the WWE being fixed. 

Gatti-Gamache controversy ends in a draw | AP

There has been a long-standing lawsuit against the New York State Athletic Commission that they didn't properly weigh in Arturo Gatti before his fight with Joey Gamache, a bout that ended Gamache's career due to brain injury.  The in-ring weights for the fight were grossly disproportionate, with Gatti unofficially weighing in at 160 pounds for the junior welterweight fight (to Gamache's 145).  The court found in favor of Gamache, but it was a Phyrric victory - no damages were awarded, as they determined that the faulty weigh-in is not what caused Gamache's injuries.   

Cory Spinks arrested for fleeing the scene of an accident | Indian River County Sherriff

Over the weekend, Cory Spinks was arrested for misdemeanor DUI as well as fleeing the scene of an accident.  The sherriff weighed him in at 185 pounds, which is no good, considering he was actually supposed to fight recently.  Instead of seeing his face in a mug shot, we could be seeing his face on a milk carton pretty soon.

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