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Pavlik, Martinez, Bute and Miranda make weight for Saturday

Top Rank debuted their new Livestream service for today's weigh-in in Atlantic City, and both middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik and tomorrow's challenger Sergio Martinez came in at 159 1/2 pounds. Both looked in pretty good shape. Martinez was ripped, and both of them did some jawing and taunting. For once, it actually just seemed like they were both hyped up and ready to go.

The crowd was pretty loud in Atlantic City, which has become Pavlik's home away from home. The crowd was, as you'd expect, very pro-Pavlik, and Martinez played his heel role pretty well and whipped everything up.

TRLivestream continues tomorrow with the full off-HBO undercard from Atlantic City, featuring Ronald Hearns-Delray Raines, plus Dominick Guinn is in action. Everything will be available at

In Quebec, Lucian Bute and Edison Miranda both came in at 167 pounds for their super middleweight title fight.

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