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Mandatory Eight Count: Froch-Kessler Hype Edition

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Weekend Preview: Kessler vs Froch, Adamek vs Arreola & Angulo vs Julio (The Boxing Bulletin)
Michael Nelson of The Boxing Bulletin looks at Froch-Kessler, plus the HBO card.

Head to head: Froch-Kessler (The Ring)
Michael Rosenthal breaks down the matchup.

The Curious Case of Carl Froch (BBC)
BBC Sport journalist Ben Dirs wonders why Carl Froch hasn't become a bigger star in the UK: "A British world champion who's in the habit of serving up top-notch entertainment - what more do people want?"

Froch: I'll Quit if Danish Homers Rip Me Off (Mirror Sport)
Alternate universe headline: "Dirrell Quits After English Homers Rip Him Off." Froch sounds mildly not confident, which is really not like him.

Clever Carl can take the Mikk (Mirror Sport)
Barry McGuigan looks at the matchup, and concludes that "Kessler is on the slide," while "Froch is still on the rise."

Showtime Super Six saved my career says Carl Froch (Daily Post)
Carl Froch says the Super Six "rescued his career after the recession and withdrawal of television support threatened to leave him in the boxing wilderness." What a great line -- "the boxing wilderness."

Denmark's Mikkel Kessler faces Carl Froch at career crossroads (Sports Illustrated)
It can't be said enough: Mikkel Kessler really does have to win this fight or he's all but out of the Super Six running and his career is in a tough spot.

Is Kessler in the Super Six’s first must-win situation? (The Ring)
See? It can't be said enough.

Note: If you hate horns, don't watch this video.

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