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Bad Left Hook Live Boxing Results and Commentary: Hozumi Hasegawa v. Fernando Montiel

We'll be here around 6am EDT with live, round-by-round coverage, scoring and analysis of the Hozumi Hasegawa-Fernando Montiel fight from Tokyo. Join us!

Main Event
Record: 28-2 (12 KO) Record: 40-2-2 (30 KO)
Age: 29 Age: 31
Hometown: Kobe, Japan Hometown: Los Mochis, Mexico
Height: 5'6" Height: 5'4"
Reach: 66 1/2" Reach: 66 1/2"
Ranks/Titles: Bad Left Hook #1, Ring #1, ESPN #1, BoxRec #1, WBC Ranks/Titles: Bad Left Hook #7, Ring #7, BoxRec #3, WBO
TV: NTV (Japan) - 6am EDT Venue:
Nihon Budokan - Tokyo, Japan

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