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Mandatory Eight Count: Three Knockdown Rule Mayweather-Mosley Edition

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(Photo by Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images)
(Photo by Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images)
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

I realize that "three knockdown rule" doesn't really make sense here, since you wouldn't get another mandatory eight count, but it's more jargon. And I like jargon. Here's the best of the Mayweather-Mosley coverage from around the web.

Shane Mosley, Floyd Mayweather Test Negative (FanHouse)
Just in case you missed it, the 15 random drug tests between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Shane Mosley came back clean the other day.

Talk of steroids gets to Mosley (Miami Herald)
No matter how hard he tries to downplay the issue, says Santos A. Perez, Shane Mosley is clearly still bothered by the talk of his performance-enhancing drug use, which Mayweather has focused on plenty in the build-up of this fight.

Bring the Ruckus: Floyd Mayweather Jr-Shane Mosley Preview (The Cruelest Sport)
Our friend Carlos Acevedo of The Cruelest Sport (one of the most underrated boxing writers out there, in my opinion) put together a tremendous, in-depth preview of the fight. "Against Margarito, Mosley resembled The Blue Diamond, Captain Marvel, and Shock Gibson all rolled into one. Maybe it was a return to form in 2009, but now, over a year later, it looks like he will have to return to form all over again to truly test Mayweather. "

Graham Houston, in my view the best in the world at breaking down a fight, feels that it will be "a competitive contest that will reflect credit on both boxers."

Shane Mosley: Ready for War ( actually conducts some of the best interviews in the boxing world, and this one with Shane Mosley, like most of their interviews, gets more than the stock questions and answers from the fighter. Mosley dismisses rumors that he's been looking poor in sparring, and says that Naazim Richardson had a group of sparring partners replicating different parts of Mayweather's style.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Shane Mosley - 12 Rounds (ESPN)
ESPN's 12 Rounds feature breaks down the fight on twelve key points.

Mayweather looks to silence critics (Yahoo! Sports)
Kevin Iole says that a big win over Shane Mosley could be just what Mayweather's reputation needs right now. There is also a strange quote from Freddie Roach about how Mayweather's "easier to hit" at 147, and Roach also categorizes Mayweather-Hatton as "a hard fight" for Floyd, which I think a great many people would disagree with. Mayweather also again complains that should he win, someone might say that Mosley is 38.

Shane Mosley ready to match wits with ring-savvy Floyd Mayweather Jr. Saturday in Las Vegas (New York Daily News)
Tim Smith talks about the fight and recalls an invitation to Mayweather's training session a few years back: "He called over a sparring partner, placed him two feet in front of him and ordered the boxer to hit him. Mayweather dropped his hands down to his side and the sparring partner threw punches from every conceivable angle and couldn't touch Mayweather as he ducked, twisted and turned without ever moving his feet. It was one of the most amazing athletic displays I've ever witnessed."

Shane Mosley says he will knock Floyd Mayweather out (BBC Sport)
"They were picking Margarito to win by a landslide, and people were worried about my health and saying he was going to retire me. I'm saying to you guys again, that isn't going to happen. He's not going to beat me."

Floyd Mayweather Jnr still obsessing over Manny Pacquiao ahead of Shane Mosley fight (Telegraph)
Gareth A. Davies thinks it's still Manny Pacquiao that occupies Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s mind, and not Shane Mosley.

For Floyd Mayweather Jr., the ring is a refuge (Los Angeles Times)
Lance Pugmire speaks with Floyd Jr. and Floyd Sr. about the beginnings of what we now know as "Money Mayweather."

Mayweather’s Boxing Career All in the Family (New York Times)
Greg Bishop gets inside the Mayweather family saga, with the ups and downs of Floyd, his parents, and his uncle Roger, plus Floyd's childhood, featuring rambunctious trips to the water park. From Roger: "It's all boxing, man. I love boxing."

Mosley, Mayweather being opposites is big part of draw (USA Today)
Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather Jr. aren't just opposites at the press conferences, but in the ring, too.

Floyd Mayweather Vs. Shane Mosley: Keys To The Fight, Part I (The Queensbury Rules)
Tim Starks breaks down the fight in two-part style. Part II is here.

Shane Mosley: Floyd Mayweather's slipped, and I'll show him where in the ring (The Grand Rapids Press)
Floyd Mayweather's hometown paper and arguably his greatest journalistic admirer, David Mayo, gives Shane Mosley a voice. I've always enjoyed Mayo's articles; he seems to get to the soul of Mayweather better than most anyone does, and he also doesn't come across as particularly biased. It's clear he's a Mayweather fan, I'd say, but he doesn't let that stain his articles.

What We Want Versus What We’re Given (
Jake Donovan says that no matter how great a fight Mayweather-Mosley is, it's not what the public wants.

Pinoys rooting for Mayweather over Mosley (ABS-CBN News)
Many Filipinos are rooting for Mayweather, hoping to see a mega-clash between Floyd and their boxing hero, Manny Pacquiao.

Mosley says he's totally focused on bout with Mayweather (Philadelphia Daily News)
Though it'd be easy to think otherwise, Shane Mosley says the fight with Mayweather is all that's on his mind right now.

How to Beat a Mayweather (Inside Fights)
Though he admits it's easier said than done, Paul Magno discusses how Floyd Mayweather Jr. can be defeated.

Going Negative: The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Campaign Machine (AHN)
Shawn Krest compares the hype time before a Mayweather fight to a political campaign, and offers this thought: " It could be allegations about their history or complaints about their demands at the negotiating table, but some off-topic issue always seems to come up to occupy a Mayweather opponent’s attention, instead of allowing them to focus on their preparations for one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the business."

Mayweather's 'best' boasts on line vs. Mosley (New York Post)
George Willis sums it up nicely: "Mayweather has made a career of flashing money and boasting that he is the best ever. If he beats Mosley, more people may start agreeing with him."

Floyd Mayweather Jr. ... the greatest of them all? (Los Angeles Daily News)
Floyd calling himself the best ever isn't anything new, but you'd think it is for the articles and hype it's stirred up this week. I actually kind of admire his stance: he wants to be the best, and he believes he's the best. I don't think he's the best of all time, or even close to it, but if you were in his shoes, wouldn't it be beneficial for you to believe that you are, in fact, The Man?

Richardson on Mosley's training (FOX Sports)
FOX Sports spoke with Naazim Richardson about Shane Mosley's training: "We realize it's going to be a faster fight [than Margarito]. There will be opportunities. They won't linger. The window will close up on them. So we have to take advantage of them."

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