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Mandatory Eight Count - The Quick and the Dead

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Door is open for boxer Manny Pacquiao return to Cowboys Stadium | Dallas Morning News

Bob Arum has already had discussions about a Manny Pacquiao fight at Dallas Stadium on November 6 or November 13. According to other reports, Arum has also reserved the MGM Grand for those dates. If they can work out a deal with Floyd Mayweather, expect the fight to be in Vegas, but Arum already knows that Dallas is an ideal location if Pacquiao is to face someone like Antonio Margarito, who seems to be the early favorite for an opponent not named Mayweather.

Ortiz ready to show loss to Maidana behind him |

Hot prospect Victor Ortiz wants to prove that stunning loss was merely a learning experience. Looking good against Nate Campbell might help him pick up new fans, but it may take more than that to make people forget the way he apparently quit against Marcos Maidana. As Vitali Klitschko proved, it takes lots of gutty performances after a quit job to get people to stop questioning your heart.

Din Thomas Continues Preparation for Ricardo Mayorga | Bloody Elbow

Bloody Elbow is keeping great track of this upcoming bout. They have also surmised that the buys for this fight may help indicate how interested people really are in boxing-MMA crossovers.

Add 'Butterbean' to list of boxing's MMA converts | Los Angeles Times

Speaking of crossovers, Eric "Butterbean" Esch has become an MMA promoter and will be promoting a fight between former UFC champ and current lardass Tim Sylvia against former World's Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski. His two sons, including "Babybean" (who already failed miserably after trying his hand at boxing) have also been signed to fight in the cage.

Middleweight champ Sergio Martinez considering Winky Wright as option | ESPN

Newly crowned middleweight champion Sergio Martinez is exploring his options, and former undisputed junior middleweight champ Winky Wright might be in his future.

Ex-boxing champ Edwin Valero's body exhumed in Venezuela | GMANews.TV

Venezuelan authorities have exhumed the body of former boxer Edwin Valero to dispel lingering doubts regarding his death. His family thinks that he did not commit suicide. There was a video out there of the scene of Valero's death, and that's certainly enough to raise some questions.

Reid: King of boxing puts on a good show for his audience | St. Louis Globe-Democrat

Per the editorial, Don King is what you call "good TV." He’s also good radio, good newspaper, good online publication, good blog and good word of mouth. He’s like a pied piper whose voice and antics attract media members. Interesting stuff about King, Cory Spinks and Cornelius Bundrage here.

Once upon a time in New York boxing was king but not anymore |

A little bit of history about boxing in New York City, but yet another article about how boxing is dying. Seriously folks, we know it's not as big as it was 70 years ago, but that doesn't mean the sport is going away. Tickets remain unsold at WAMU theater because Amir Khan is an unknown and the main event isn't all that compelling. 

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