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Global Boxing: Friday's Results

Julio Diaz got back on the winning track against Herman Ngoudjo after a couple of shaky performances in his previous fights.  via <a href=""></a>
Julio Diaz got back on the winning track against Herman Ngoudjo after a couple of shaky performances in his previous fights. via
  • Sergei Dzinziruk remained undefeated and won his U.S. debut by scoring a TKO10 over Daniel Dawson.  Dzinziruk, who has long been one of the better stand up boxers in the sport, kept Dawson at bay with his strong jab all night, and Dawson just had no answer.  Eventually, the referee stopped the fight at a seemingly random time just because it was obvious that Dawson had no chance of winning.
  • Julio Diaz won a unanimous decision over Herman Ngoudjo.  Diaz looked as good as he's looked in years.  The fight was relatively close, but Diaz was able to pull out the victory in the end.  The 99-91 Diaz card was another one of those headscratchers.
  • On Friday Fight Night, Shinny Bayaar drew with Ashley Sexton.  The full write-up is available here.  On the undercard, both David Price and Larry Olubamiwo won their fights, but neither looked great in doing so.
  • Saul Duran, 2-8 in his last 10 and 38 years old, won a unanimous decision over Hector "Macho" Camacho, who's still going for win #80 at 48 years of age.  This is probably the end of the line for Camacho, who had a hall of fame career that by all rights should have ended about fifteen years ago.
  • On the Shobox undercard, Vernon Paris scraped by with a split decision over the much smaller Juan Santiago.  There's a lot to like about Paris, but there's also a lot to really dislike.  In addition to trouble outside of the ring, Paris came in a full weight class overweight for this one and was completely winded by the end of round three.  This led to him getting outworked for most of the fight and the crowd even booing the decision (although Bad Left Hook had the fight scored for Paris). 
  • Also on the Shobox undercard, Lateef Kayode remained undefeated, knocking out Jose Luis Herrera in the second round.  In 23 pro fights, Herrera has either scored a knockout or been knocked out in all but one of them.  The one exception was his snoozefest against BJ Flores, who tried to knock out Herrera by boring him to death.   
  • Oyewale Omotoso scored a 4th round KO over Kiatchai Singwancha.  Omotoso legitimately knocked out Emmanuel Augustus not long ago, and it would be nice to see him step outside of his comfort zone a bit.
  • On Telefutura, Adrien Broner scored a first round TKO of Rafael Lora.

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