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Mayweather-Mosley: Ted the Bull's Prediction and Outcome

As we continue our post-fight coverage here at Bad Left Hook, Ted Sares checks back in to look at his prediction from last Monday, and how it compares to the fight's result.

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The Prediction

I see Mayweather avoiding getting into wild and dangerous exchanges with Mosley. Instead, I expect Mayweather to fight tactically and strategically in a somewhat boring bout that will keep Mosley off stride and somewhat frustrated. Mosley will try to lure Mayweather into a brawl, but no one has ever really been able to do that, and I don't think Mosley will be the first.

Sugar Shane has suffered mental lapses from time time, loses focus, and can be lured into doing the wrong things in the ring. To be more precise, he does not, in my opinion, possess the highest ring IQ. Mayweather (40-0), on the other hand, can adapt to and neutralize Mosley's strengths while at the same time exploiting his weaknesses. Floyd's ring IQ is among the highest in boxing. This, in my view, is the major difference and should offset whatever advantage and/or positive adjustments Nazeem Richardson can provide. Mayweather to win by dominant UD, as speed and defense win out.

The Outcome

Mayweather won a dominant UD (119-109,119-109, and 118-110-I had it 119-109), but it was not as much defense and speed as it was offense and speed, as he moved into cruise control around the 5th round and then accelerated the action. Using his patented hard lead rights and superb counter punching, Floyd totally controlled the overly tight (and perhaps over trained Mosley). While he did not potshot as much as I though he would, his lead rights and one-two combinations were enough to neutralize his opponent.

After a great second round in which Sugar Shane landed some punishing rights on Mayweather, Shane seemed to have shot his wad. As Mayweather picked up the pace and began controlling matters, Mosley, discarding body work until it was too late to be effective and using a strange herky jerky motion while setting himself, seemed confused, tired, and at times even ripe for a stoppage.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. did nothing in this fight to dispel the notion that he has the highest ring IQ in boxing -- and you can take that to the bank. He also has the best skill-set in boxing and proved it once again in this fight.

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