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Mandatory Eight Count: The Disgusting and the Duh

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Amir Khan could return on July 31 against Joel Casamayor or Michael Katsidis. (Photo by John Gichigi/Getty Images)
Amir Khan could return on July 31 against Joel Casamayor or Michael Katsidis. (Photo by John Gichigi/Getty Images)
Getty Images
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Arum: Cotto vs Pacquiao, Foreman vs Margarito Possible ( again quotes Bob Arum floating the terrible idea for Manny Pacquiao to fight Miguel Cotto again, should Cotto win another belt at 154 pounds. Arum also says Antonio Margarito is in the running to fight the Cotto-Foreman winner, despite the fact that Cotto has said bluntly he'll never fight Margarito again because he doesn't feel Margarito deserves the payday. I've grown incredibly disillusioned with Arum so blatantly insulting the boxing audience worldwide.

Schaefer: Amir Khan's Options are Casamayor, Katsidis (
Richard Schaefer is looking to possibly split the July 31 PPV with an Amir Khan fight in England. Khan could fight either Michael Katsidis or Joel Casamayor. Casamayor, last anyone knew, was set to fight Joan Guzman on the Marquez-Diaz card that night. Katsidis has seemed eager to take the fight, feeling he'll knock Khan out.

Klitschko favorite against Sosnowski (USA Today)
From the "no s**t" files.

Librado Andrade to take on Eric Lucas (Montreal Gazette)
Eric Lucas' camp thinks Librado Andrade makes too many mistakes. Lucas, admirably, says flatly, "I didn't come back to fight bums."

Notre Dame grad Mike Lee ready to punch for pay (ESPN)
Top Rank's Mike Lee is someone I'm quite excited to see in the ring. Lee makes his pro debut on Saturday in Chicago.

Presser for Chavez-Duddy + Marco Antonio Barrera (
Looks like Marco Antonio Barrera is quietly out of his deal with Don King, and has moved to Top Rank. Barrera will take on veteran Adailton de Jesus on the June 26 in a lightweight bout. It'll be Barrera's first fight since his despicable loss to Amir Khan last year.

Victor Conte on Boxing, USADA, Steroids, Blood-Doping, EPO (FanHouse)
Lem Satterfield of FanHouse interviews former BALCO head Victor Conte, who insists now that he's firmly anti-doping. Hey, anything that can get him a buck or two.

Kimbo Slice mulling over offers; MMA and boxing on table (MMA Junkie)
Kimbo Slice, cut from UFC, is considering his future options in combat sports. His manager says there's offers for MMA and boxing out there.

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