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Mandatory Eight Count: Fres Oquendo Robbed Again Edition

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Mormeck decisions Oquendo (Fightnews)
Former cruiserweight champion Jean-Marc Mormeck won a decision over Fres Oquendo today in Paris, on scores of 96-95, 96-95 and 96-94. The fight is being called a blatant robbery, which of course would not be the first of Oquendo's career. It's not that Fres is the best fighter, but that guy has had the screws put to him in his career. He's deserved better. Boxing Scene scored it 98-92 for Oquendo, and almost all reports are that Mormeck looked like crap.

Kell Brook vs Michael Jennings Heads To July 3 Clash (Boxing Scene)
Kell Brook and Michael Jennings will (knock on wood) get their long-awaited fight on July 3. It's been canceled a couple times already with set dates, and to be honest I've sort of lost interest in seeing this fight now. Jennings was almost surely never going to beat Brook, but now I'm 100% confident he gets run over. Brook is just a much more talented fighter, better in every way except unibrow.

Amir Khan wants to fight Pacquiao and Mayweather on the downside (Now Boxing)
Here's a quote that'll definitely win Amir Khan some fans: "You have to know the best time to have these big fights in your career. If you look at Oscar De La Hoya, he fought all the best fighters when they were on the way downhill, and not at their best. I want to catch these guys when they have come off their peak. But I have to be careful because there might be a younger version of me coming up who wants to do exactly the same to me."

Not only is this quote going to make people think Khan's a wimp, but it's just not true. Oscar de la Hoya fought Shane Mosley, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Felix Trinidad, Ike Quartey and Genaro Hernandez when they were unbeaten. He fought Bernard Hopkins and Manny Pacquiao when they were topping P4P lists. There's Pernell Whitaker and Julio Cesar Chavez for major fights with guys on the downside. That's about it. It's a really, really dumb quote.

Adamek targets Haye (Sky Sports)
Main Events is going to have Tomasz Adamek back in the ring late summer or early fall, and he wants David Haye. Haye is currently negotiating with Wladimir Klitschko. I guess Adamek could probably fight Vitali Klitschko, since Vitali's May 29 fight with Albert Sosnowski shouldn't be any bother for the big guy.

Robin Givens livid over Mike Tyson interview on 'The View' (New York Daily News)
Mike Tyson is going to be on "The View" tomorrow, and ex-wife Robin Givens is all up in arms about the idea that he might (and does) answer questions about their relationship and that infamous 1988 interview.

The fight of his life (The Boston Globe)
Kevin McBride, the man who retired Mike Tyson, has battled alcoholism, and is now on the comeback trail. McBride turns 37 on May 10 and hasn't fought since a 2007 loss to Andrew Golota.

Darchinyan's side of the story (Sydney Morning Herald)
Vic Darchinyan's manager Elias Nassar says that Nonito Donaire didn't respond to a deadline to sign and return the contract, then uses that "this guy does it for the fans" line and talks about Darchinyan in a "world title fight" on May 20. If Darchinyan was so anxious to get Donaire back in the ring, why was the deadline so incredibly important if it was missed by a couple of days? Top Rank thought they had the fight done. Donaire flew into Vegas to sign the contract a couple days ago. Apparently, the fight is not really THAT important to Darchinyan, who has barked about the rematch for a long time now. A day or two on a "deadline" is ridiculous, all things considered. If the fight meant that much to Darchinyan and Donaire, it would happen. It's not happening.

Boxing faces questions about culture (ESPN)
Elizabeth Merrill with an article about the deaths of Alexis Arguello, Arturo Gatti, Vernon Forrest and Edwin Valero. Try as people may to find connections in those four deaths, they're simply all incredibly different circumstances. The only thing the deaths really have in common is that they were all boxers. That's just my stance. But it's an interesting article for sure.

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