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Mandatory Eight Count: Foreman-Cotto Morning Edition

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Arum: Cotto-Foreman at Yankee Stadium has spirit of Louis-Schmelling (Telegraph)
Bob Arum said this about Yuri Foreman: "His notoriety as a fighter will help him to launch his career (as a rabbi). Incredible." Arum said this without even a hint of how incredibly awful that sounds. Since Foreman can't work until after sundown on the Sabbath, he'll get a police escort to Yankee Stadium and HBO will film it with a helicopter. I wonder if the nWo will be trailing him, or if Sting plans to repel and deliver back-handed slaps in the middle of the fight.

Miguel Cotto, Yuri Foreman on different paths at Yankee Stadium (FOX Sports)
In this article, we find out that Miguel Cotto is "finally escaping years of struggling to get down to 147 pounds." Cotto weighed in for his last two fights at 145 and 146 and I don't recall ever hearing he was particularly struggling with his weight. The author also offers that "both men ... can fill any New York arena." Yuri Foreman has never filled any arena in his life. The Top Rank propaganda for this fight is jaw-dropping.

Legendary trainer Emanuel Steward hopes to rejuvenate Miguel Cotto (Sports Illustrated)
"Some guys, their coordination and reflexes are totally shot from the combination of the tough fights and emotions. But I did not see that from Miguel." -- Emanuel Steward

Arum plays down Steward effect (Sky Sports)
Bob Arum doesn't seem to have much confidence that Emanuel Steward can help Miguel Cotto.

Yankees like Cotto to win fight in their ballpark (USA Today)
"It's going to be crazy, man. I can't wait," offers Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher. Thanks, Nick.

Yuri Foreman eager to show how tough upbringing shaped boxing career (The Star-Ledger)
"When he won the title from Santos, he was smart. Now, he will have to be smarter. When he won the title from Santos, he was sharp. Now, he will have to be sharper. Cotto is that difficult an opponent." -- Joe Grier, Foreman's trainer

Yuri Foreman, WBA Super Welterweight, to Fight Miguel Cotto at Yankee Stadium (Wall Street Journal)
I like the Wall Street Journal because they always call everyone "Mister."

CompuBox Pre-Analysis: Miguel Cotto vs. Yuri Foreman (
CompuBox's pre-fight analysis of the bout. They're favoring Cotto due to Foreman's low workrate and lack of power.

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