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Friday Night Results - Tyner and Molina pull off upsets

John Molina upset Hank Lundy with a come from behind knockout to capture the NABO lightweight title.
John Molina upset Hank Lundy with a come from behind knockout to capture the NABO lightweight title.
Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • Mike Jones KO4 Irving Garcia - Garcia was able to stay competitive in the first couple of rounds with a strong jab and general inactivity from Jones, but a headbutt by Garcia seemed to wake Jones up in the third.  Once Jones opened up, he started throwing beautiful combinations, with punches coming from all angles.  He buzzed Garcia in the third, and then really laid it on thick in the fourth.  He was really beating up Garcia against the ropes when he landed a big low blow, crumpling Garcia to the floor.  Randy Neumann, one of the worst referees out there, blew the call and called it a knockdown, and rather than giving Garcia some time, he counted Garcia out for the knockout.  On the other hand, Garcia was looking up at Neumann counting but still didn't get up.
  • Lanardo Tyner TKO9 Antwone Smith - This was a great bandbox fight.  Both men stayed right up against each other, brawling and trading for most of the fight.  The few times when a fighter stepped back, Smith was able to dominate, but  on the inside it was a different story, and it's Smith's instinct to fight inside. Almost every round could have gone either way, with both fighters punishing the other's body.  In the seventh round, Smith's eye started to swell and Smith started to tire out, and Tyner was able to take advantage.  With Smith's eye almost completely swollen shut, Tyner nailed Smith with a massive body shot that paralyzed Smith.  He was able to get up before the count of 10, but told the referee he couldn't continue.  This doesn't take too much away from Smith - he's still young, but obviously he needs a lot of polish.  But it was truly a coming out party for Tyner, who looked like a completely different fighter than the Lanardo Tyner we've seen in the past and managed to earn a career best win.
Lincoln, Rhode Island
  • John Molina TKO11 Hank Lundy - For the first seven rounds, this was a blowout.  Lundy was clearly outboxing Molina, controlling with his jab, and avoiding all of Molina's big, looping right hands.  Things turned around quickly in the eighth round, when Lundy walked into one of those right hands, knocking down Lundy for his third fight in a row.  From there, it became a more competitive fight - Molina varied his repertoire a bit more, and a lot more of his shots landed on Lundy.  Lundy was outboxing Molina again in the 11th when he got caught against the ropes and took a few flush shots.  After a warning for holding onto the ropes, he got caught again, and Molina landed a number of flush punches in a row with Lundy firing nothing back, and the referee jumped in and stopped the fight.  
  • Vladine Biosse UD8 Joe McReedy - Another surprise fun fight, Biosse was able to beat McReedy with athleticism, but both men came to fight.  A lot of back and forth action, but Biosse was just that much better all the way around.  Biosse remains undefeated.
London, England
  • Lenny Daws RTD10 Steve Williams - While novice Williams was able to keep things close early in the fight, Daws pulled away around round five.  With cuts opened under both of his eyes and surely down on the cards, Williams chose not to come out for the 11th round.  Daws retains his British light welterweight title.
  • Other results from London: Bradley Pryce TKO2 Ted Bami, Matt Skelton TKO5 Lee Swaby, Prince Arron TKO6 Tony Morrison (only his 2nd knockout in 19 wins), and Grzegorz Proska TKO4 Alex Spitko.
Denver, Colorado
  • Erislandy Lara TKO1 William Correa - While Lara had been in the midst of a layoff and took the fight on less than a week's notice, he showed little sign of ring rust, annihilating Correa within a round, doing exactly what he was supposed to do against a subpar opponent.   While this was only his 12th pro fight, he was coming off back to back dominant victories over Grady Brewer and Danny Perez, so he's probably pretty close to being ready for a title shot.
  • Derrick Wilson MD6 Ricky Lopez - In yet another upset, although of smaller magnitude, Wilson used superior speed to confound Lopez, who was undefeated coming into the fight.  In losing to Guadalupe De Leon and drawing with Adam Ochoa, Wilson started fast but severely gassed out after the early rounds.  He had no such problem in this fight - he started strong with a knockdown in the first, but he was able to carry his energy into the later rounds.  We'll probably see more of both of them on Fight Night Club in the future. 
Not a result, but one other item from the Friday Night Fights telecast was that Teddy Atlas said that Vitali Klitschko's next fight may be against Shannon Briggs.  For the love of all that is holy, please don't let that happen.

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