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Mandatory Eight Count - Commission of the Act

Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions has been suspended in New York over a payment snafu relating to the Ortiz-Campbell fight. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions has been suspended in New York over a payment snafu relating to the Ortiz-Campbell fight. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Tabled license request irks Margarito promoter |

The Nevada State Athletic Commission tabled Antonio Margarito's request for a license, saying he has to apply for a license in California first. Legally, this is probably the right result. He was suspended indefinitely (but not less than a year) in California, and under the Ali Act, as long as a fighter is suspended in one state, the other state commissions can't grant a license in their states. Margarito's people say he wasn't trying to get around California, but just that he's not fighting in California and thus didn't seek a license there.

Golden Boy Promotions Suspended By NY Commission | The Sweet Science

The NY State Athletic Commission conducted a hearing Friday and concluded that Golden Boy violated the Ali Act. GBP was suspended from operations in New York indefinitely. According to the report, GBP shortchanged the fighters in Campbell-Ortiz about $500,000 in the aggregate without filing the proper reports or informing the fighters. Hopefully this practice isn't too widespread, but if they were indeed doing this, it's a good thing that the NYSAC put their foot down.  Fortunately for Golden Boy, the Ali Act doesn't contain a reciprocity provision for promoters, only for fighters.

Danny Green vs. Paul Briggs moved to Perth | Sydney Morning Herald

The New South Wales combat sports commission refused to sanction Briggs, reportedly having heard rumors that Briggs was having cerebral problems after his last fight over three years ago. Danny Green in incensed - he's claiming that this is the second time the commission has cost him big money over nothing, as he claims that a match with Bernard Hopkins fell through because of their investigation into Green's hand wraps. Certainly not because Hopkins was never going to go to Australia.

Eric Morel withdraws from mandatory bout against Fernando Montiel | ESPN

Interim bantamweight titlist Eric Morel, scheduled to fight unified titleholder Fernando Montiel in a mandatory bout on July 17, withdrew Saturday, Top Rank's Carl Moretti told Former title challenger Rafael Concepcion will be the replacement. Presumably, any proposed Donaire-Montiel fight would be contingent on Montiel getting through this one unscathed.

Malcolm Tunacao defeats Kohei Oba | Philboxing

Former flyweight champ Malcolm Tunacao got his best win in a long, long time, winning a unanimous decision over previously undefeated Kohei Oba in Japan. He captured an OBPF bantamweight title, and likely will shoot up the rankings of a few sanctioning bodies. Earlier in the week, Allen Tunacao (unsure if there's any relation) took the undefeated record and OBPF belt from Aussie Nicholas Ianuzzo, so it's been a good week for Tunacaos.

Edwin Rodriguez looking to step up | Worcester Telegram

According to this report, Dominican native and Worcester Rodriguez is looking to take a step up in class.  He made his major TV debut not long ago on Showtime, defeating Kevin Engel on a card featuring three prospects. Rodriguez, who is trained by Freddie Roach, is seeking an NABF or NABO title in the meantime, and is looking at guys like Brian Vera or James McGirt Jr. The article also mentions that Vitali Klitschko vs. Nicolai Valuev has been finalized for October, but it hasn't been reported elsewhere yet and his source, Don King, has a habit of saying that fights are a done deal long before they're actually signed.

Don’t count Matthew Saad Muhammad out | Boston Herald

The tale of Matthew Saad Muhammad - how he came to wind up living in a Philly homeless shelter, how he blew all the cash he earned fighting back in the '80's, and how he hopes to get out of his current predicament.

Street punk to boxing hopeful | Hudson Valley Record

And as common as the Muhammad story seems to be, this one seems to be even more common, but is another good mark for the sport. Tre'Sean Wiggins won his pro debut this last weekend, but it's almost been a bigger victory for the 20 year old to stay off the streets. The story of a trainer in an unlikely area, and the kid who's been learning discipline under his tutelage.

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