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Roy Jones Jr. calls out Kimbo Slice

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Roy Jones Jr. wants to fight Kimbo Slice. Yes, it's gotten that bad. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Roy Jones Jr. wants to fight Kimbo Slice. Yes, it's gotten that bad. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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In an interview with FightHype's Ben Thompson, living but shot legend Roy Jones Jr. says he'd like to fight Kimbo Slice, who has made clear his intentions to move over to boxing from MMA.

"Even if the heavyweight division was good right now, he'd still be the guy, because look at what Mike Tyson did. He's a guy that's capable of doing that. I mean, Mike Tyson was a powerful puncher, just like Kimbo is. ... I think it won't take him long at all."

If you just gagged at the sheer desperation of the 41-year-old Roy Jones comparing Kimbo Slice's at least somewhat deflated power to the ferocity and skill of a prime Mike Tyson, you're not alone.

This is sad. I am a huge Roy Jones Jr. fan, but this is getting gruesome. Jones is done. Finished. Toast. Shot. Kaput. He showed absolutely nothing against Bernard Hopkins in April and was stopped in one round last December by Danny Green. Jones has not beaten a notable opponent in seven years, since he edged Antonio Tarver in their first fight back in November 2003.

Once upon a time, as has been stated repeatedly, Roy Jones tried to make clear that he wouldn't hang on too long. But that's exactly what has happened. Since the three fight losing streak in 2004-05, Jones has had a set formula. Knock off a few overmatched opponents, lose to a name for money. Rinse, repeat.

Now we've got a 41-year-old Jones trying to talk up a fight with a 36-year-old streetfighter who had minimal success in MMA, whose supposedly lethal power was debunked a little against legitimate athletes, and whose star has burnt out. Slice is a long way removed from the YouTube sensation he once was. Now, he's an exposed professional who got floored by a jab from an undersized, last-minute replacement with pink hair.

It's embarrassing. There's no other way to put it. Jones has fallen so far from where he used to be that for long-time fans, it hurts.