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Poll: Who Won Alexander-Kotelnik?

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(Alexander photo by Getty Images / Kotelnik photo by Universum)

While I've certainly made my own feelings on Saturday night's fight clear, there are definitely folks who disagree with that stance, which I'll sum up briefly one more time in case you haven't been reading. I think Kotelnik definitely won the fight, racked up the rounds, landed better, cleaner blows, did more damage, and was more accurate. The CompuBox numbers are here, and I think they reflect that stance, but do not make the mistake of assuming I mean I'm going solely by the CompuBox numbers. I thought what CompuBox bears out was obvious watching the fight. That's my personal feeling on this bout.

But the ringside judges scored it 116-112 for Alexander across the board, and veteran HBO judge Harold Lederman had it 117-111 for Devon. And a lot of people do agree that Alexander won the fight, preferring his swarming workrate, the big punch output, or whatever else.

So who took the fight on your card, and why?

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