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Caballero-Remillard off, Litzau could step in

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

A proposed November 27 featherweight fight between Celestino Caballero and northeast prospect Matt Remillard is off. TKO Boxing sent out a press release saying that Remillard (22-0, 13 KO) will fight on October 29 against an opponent to be named at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, defending his minor trinket belts.

But that's not where it ends on that count. Rick Reeno of reports that there's a possible legal battle coming between Remillard and TKO Boxing, and that even though Remillard wants the fight, HBO wasn't interested in getting in the middle of anything between fighter and promoter.

Reeno also reports on yet more idiocy from the WBA, which is pretty similar to the featherweight situation we talked about that built up over years, and the current middleweight mess they've created. In short, with Chris John injured, the winner of the Gamboa-Salido fight tonight will be named super champion, which we've discussed before. But now the WBA is willing to put their, uh, "regular" title up for a Caballero fight.

Except now Jason Litzau is entering the conversation as a possible opponent for Caballero. Caballero would go up to super featherweight to face Litzau, who cannot make featherweight anymore. Litzau and Caballero are both agreeable to the fight and HBO is interested. But if Caballero, for some reason, wants that WBA "regular" featherweight title, he'll have to find an opponent that the WBA will agree to, and that HBO will be willing to air. Or he can just fight Litzau, forget about the stupid title that nobody who knows anything will be taking very seriously, and just get paid and get further exposure. Litzau is a decent fighter who is proving he's willing to fight just about anyone, but Caballero would still be a heavy favorite and would be able to further his demands to fight one of the featherweight money names with another HBO win.

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