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Wednesday Global Boxing Results: Jhonny Gonzalez stops Jackson Asiku in Vegas

Jhonny Gonzalez put a hurting on Jackson Asiku in Las Vegas.
Jhonny Gonzalez put a hurting on Jackson Asiku in Las Vegas.
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Jhonny Gonzalez TKO-6 Jackson Asiku. Asiku fought really bravely, but arriving in Vegas yesterday from Australia was probably not a great idea. This was Gonzalez as he always is. Good boxer, has power, and can at times look like he's seriously one of the absolute best in the game. But his chin has never been great. He knocked Asiku down in the fourth, twice in the fifth, and finally when Asiku wobbled again in the sixth, referee Kenny Bayless stepped in. Gonzalez (46-7, 40 KO) is now the beltholder for the IBO, a fact which Col. Bob Sheridan used to hilarious effect in his freak-out call of the stoppage. Asiku falls to 26-4 (13 KO), and this was the first time he's been stopped. I do hope Gonzalez gets a crack against one of the names at 126. He's a good, exciting fighter.
  • Miguel Roman TKO-5 Tyrone Harris. Roman (31-7, 23 KO) didn't put a lot of effort into making weight for this, which was supposed to be a super featherweight eliminator for the IBO. So he came in overweight, which meant he couldn't win the eliminator, and also meant he got the honor of forking over 20% of his purse to Harris (24-7, 16 KO). This is the third straight win for Roman since his loss to Antonio Escalante, but the first over a live body. Harris has now lost two straight and three of his last four, all fifth round stoppages (the others were to Urbano Antillon and Ji Hoon Kim).
  • Marcos Reyes TKO-2 Victor Villereal. Reyes (16-1, 14 KO) is a 22-year-old prospect from Mexico and he dominated this fight. You might remember Villereal (9-6-2, 5 KO) from a ShoBox fight last year against Marcus "Too Much" Johnson, where he took a good beating and lasted all eight rounds. This is the second time he's been stopped since then.
  • Yohan Banks KO-4 Quadtrine Hill. This was supposed to be a showcase for Hill (1-1, 1 KO), a 27-year-old former "NFL fullback" by way of being on a few practice squads for a couple of years. He played college ball at Miami (FL), which I refuse to call "The U." Banks (4-4-3, 2 KO) is a 35-year-old part-time fighter from Redwood City, California, and he showed up to the scales for this one at 272 pounds, giving him 44 pounds on Hill, whose inexperience got him knocked out. I guess Hill's also interested in doing MMA.

Tepic, Mexico

  • Ulises Solis UD-10 Luis Carlos Leon. Solis is one of those really good Mexican fighters who seems to be getting a taste for spending his time fighting guys everyone knows he can and will beat. Last year, for instance, he fought Bert Batawang. That in itself isn't bad, really, because the 108-pound ranks do tend to be a bit limited, but what made it useless is that he'd already stopped Batawang in 2007. And somehow, the IBF had decided that fight should be a title eliminator. Sanctioning bodies are special. Anyway, Solis (32-2-2, 21 KO) easily beat Leon (11-3, 10 KO), yet another one of those lovely Colombian fighters with the useless records. Leon has now lost two straight because he's actually fought real, live, breathing, trained men in back-to-back fights.
  • Ricardo Dominguez TKO-2 Adailton de Jesus. Adailton de Jesus (27-5, 22 KO) is 24-0 when fighting in Brazil. He is 3-5 on the road. Guess why? Dominguez (32-6-2, 20 KO) is nothing special himself, but he's a lot better than the Brazilian, who wasn't competitive against an old, slow Marco Antonio Barrera in June. Between the fights he did go back down to Brazil to show a guy with a 1-8 record what's what.
  • Francisco Sierra TKO-1 Richard Campillo. Sierra (23-3, 21 KO) and Campillo (6-2-1, 4 KO) may have been the most evenly-matched fight on the card.

Manchester, New Hampshire

  • Demetrius Andrade KO-2 Dave Saunders. Andrade (11-0, 8 KO) has split with his father as trainer, which is probably for the best. Saunders (9-10, 6 KO) is a 34-year-old from Ohio who has now lost eight in a row, including one in July 2009 to former HBO pay-per-view co-featured fighter Troy Rowland. Thanks again for taking Chavez-Rowland as an acceptable PPV co-feature, HBO. I just wanted to say that one more time, because it was really awesome. Hopefully we'll see "Boo Boo" up the competition a bit in 2011.
  • Danny O'Connor UD-6 Jose Angel Roman. O'Connor is a middling prospect who just can't punch (13-0, 3 KO). He has fine skills and at 25 also has the room to get better, but it's tough to make it when you can't even dent guys like Roman (11-27-5, 5 KO) in your 13th pro fight.
  • Rances Bathelemy TKO-3 Angel Lopez. Bathelemy (8-0, 6 KO) is among the lesser-regarded Cuban defectors, which still makes him a hell of a lot better than the guys he's going to be fighting for a while longer. All in all this must have been a nice little night at the fights from the folks in NH, with three decent or better prospects in action. Pretty good showcase card.

Wollongong, Australia

  • Anthony Mundine TKO-10 Ryan Waters. Mundine takes down another ultra safe, hand-picked opponent for the 40th win of his professional career. He won every round against Waters (20-3-2, 12 KO). It was the usual nothing fight from Mundine, who has really gone back into his shell since a scare against Daniel Geale in May 2009. I thought more of Mundine for that fight (which he won by split decision) than I think of his entire 13 other wins between beating Danny Green in 2006 and the present day, but Mundine clearly doesn't see things that way.
  • Billy Dib KO-4 Jack Asis. Asis had no business in the ring with Dib. Dib made that clear. Dib has actually gone quite "Mundine" since losing to Steven Luevano in 2008, running off eight predictable wins, plus he had that fiasco against Kenichi Yamaguchi.
  • Garth Wood KO-1 Elvin Marbun. Wood is a former rugby player who won the Australian version of "The Contender" last year. He's becoming something of a boxing name down under, it would appear, though we've got Aussies on the site who might argue that (or confirm it, I suppose).

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