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Video Hype: Shane Mosley v. Sergio Mora and Undercard

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We've done "Video Hype" features in the past for big fights (Mayweather-Mosley, Cotto-Pacquiao, Hatton-Pacquiao), but now we're going to try and up the ante a little bit on the feature -- not that it requires much effort from our end. I just figure it'd be nice for folks to have a place to check out some of the relevant recent video from YouTube for upcoming fights, since that's why the video is out there to begin with. Enjoy.

Apparently, "Mexicutioner" has gone to Shane Mosley now:

Included After the Jump: Mosley's 2009 fight with Antonio Margarito in full from HBO, and a 2004 sparring session between Mora and Margarito