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Magnificent Seven: James DeGale stops Carl Dilks in 2:54

In the first televised bout, former Olympic gold medalist James DeGale blew away Carl Dilks, stopping the domestic veteran at 2:54 of the first round.

DeGale (8-0, 6 KO) is now in line for a shot at the British super middleweight title. Dilks (14-3, 5 KO) had a ton of trouble keeping up with DeGale's speed and angles and while the stoppage might have seemed premature, he sure didn't complain. Dilks stayed with DeGale for just a moment, but then DeGale completely overwhelmed him. It was as zoned in as DeGale has looked to date as a pro.

After the fight, DeGale's promoter Frank Warren called out the other hot Brit prospect at 168, George Groves, for a December fight. Groves is currently set to fight in late October on Sky Sports.

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