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Video Hype: Knockout of the Week Poll

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It seems like these great knockouts come in bunches, so for the third time this year, here's a knockout of the week poll.

Alexander Frenkel KO7 Enzo Maccarinelli

Saul Alvarez KO6 Carlos Baldomir (KO at 3:00)

Victor Ortiz KO3 Vivian Harris (KO at 8:52)

Daniel Ponce de Leon KO3 Antonio Escalante (KO at 3:37)

Jhonny Gonzalez TKO6 Jackson Asiku (TKO combination at 4:00, but also a great knockdown at 2:26)

Others not in the poll: Derek Chisora TKO9 Sam Sexton, James DeGale TKO1 Carl Dilks, Freddy Hernandez TKO4 Mike Anchondo, Piotr Wilczewski TKO2 Miguel Angel Pena, Omar Chavez KO4 Rodrigo Guerrero