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Early Weekend Results: Bellew retains the Commonwealth; Soliman and Amonsot win fringe titles

London, England

Tony Bellew UD12 Bob Ajisafe - Bellew, one of the better prospects in the United Kingdom, was able to dominate en route to a win over Bob Ajisafe, though Bellew had to come off the canvas in the fourth.  Bellew retains his light heavyweight commonwealth belt.  The official scores were 115-114, 116-112 and 117-111.  While Bellew still makes a lot of mistakes in the ring, he's a potentially exciting style of fighter, and he still has a lot of natural talent built in there.

Paul Appleby TKO4 Mickey Coveney - Appleby was supposed to be the next big thing a few years back, but it never really happened.

Victoria, Australia

Sam Soliman KO10 Pradeep Singh - Soliman dominated Singh, possibly the best Indian fighter currently out there, en route to a 10th round knockout.  Soliman was able to end it with a body shot, and wins a fringe IBF title.  At 36, I hope he retires soon, although I honestly think he would make the best trainer out of any active fighter, so he might stick around boxing after his fighting career is through.

Czar Amonsot KO2 Sirichai Ekchumpol - Amonsot put in a highly entertaining performance against Michael Katsidis a few years back, but came out with a brain bleed.  After over a year off, he's returned to the ring and won a fringe WBO belt with a convincing knockout win over a Thai journeyman.  Echoing my previous sentiments, I wish Amonsot the best, but I really hope he doesn't get seriously and permanently injured.

Albequerque, New Mexico

Johnny Tapia TKO4 Jose Alonso - Tapia's a likely Hall of Famer and almost certainly the best fighter to come from New Mexico, but it's definitely sad that he's still fighting.  Now 43, he had supposedly retired about five years ago, but famously he can't actually keep his head on straight unless he's fighting.  When retired, he's ended up hooked on drugs and in prison, so while very old and completely toast, Vida Loca keeps risking life and limb against scrubs and journeymen, and he probably has about as good of a reason as anyone to keep going.

Frankie Archuleta UD8 Jorge Reyes - Archuleta and Tapia had a couple of fairly competitive fights with each other, but Archuleta has lost just about every time he's stepped up even to the second tier.  This time he took on a creampuff opponent, bouncing back from losses to John Molina and Martin Honorio.

Algiers, Algeria

Ali Chebah RTD3 Lazslo Komjathi - Chebah moves one step closer to getting a shot at the WBC junior welterweight title.  While he hasn't had the world's greatest competition (his best win might be over the guy who fought Humberto Soto a few weeks back), he's young, quick and relatively talented, so he could stick around the division for a while, if he proves to have any of the intangibles.

Bankkok, Thailand

Medgoen Singsurat (3K Battery) PTS6 Patomchai Patonphothong - It wasn't too long ago that Singsurat was considered to be one of the best bantamweights in the world (and before that he was a flyweight champ who beat Manny Pacquiao), despite having a very empty record.  Since losing to Jorge Arce, he's gone 16-1, but this record has come against opposition with a combined record of 37-24-4, including 8 guys making their pro debuts.

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