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Pacquiao vs Marquez: HBO 24/7, Full First Episode (Video)

Here's the full first episode of Pacquiao vs Marquez: 24/7, courtesy HBO Sports:

Liev Schreiber's narration work is, as always, great. And as silly as it makes me, I'm suckered in again, at least for now. This is such a stark contrast to the Mayweather vs Ortiz theatrics and nonsense that I think it's exactly what I need for 24/7 to seem fresh again. I know all this stuff, really, but I still like to watch shows about boxing, particularly about current boxing and not just more Old Timer Worship or whatever (not that I mind Old Timer Worship, mind you, I've just been drowned in it for so long, with little new boxing programming coming my way before 24/7).

"There's only like four of us that really have a job in the entourage. But, you know, the entourage is probably 50 deep at this time. And those guys, you know, their job now is to entertain Manny."

And they do.

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