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Khan vs Peterson: Official Poster for Dec. 10 Fight

Here's the official poster for the December 10 fight between Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson, being held in Washington, D.C., and airing live that night on HBO:


This is far more of a "UK-style" poster than we usually get for American cards these days. I assume the official HBO poster will be different than this, probably with fire or lasers or some shit, maybe Seth Mitchell getting his head pasted into a corner. He's a "sensation"! I hate marketing so much.

I might be in the minority, but I really am looking forward to this fight. Peterson is a battler and I think he's got the best chance of beating Khan since Maidana. If Lamont ups his workrate a little bit (he may not, in fact probably won't), I think he could be more than a handful for Khan, who seems to be looking forward to 2012 and possibly even looking past this fight.

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