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Roy Jones Jr for Body By Vi (Video)

OK, this is mostly an infomercial so once Roy Jones Jr is gone, you can turn it off if you want to, or else be subjected to the rest of it. I'm neither endorsing or dismissing the product, because I don't know, but watching the Jones segment of this was pretty hilarious to me, so I'm sharing:

Ah ah ah ah AHHHH.

I love things like this. Nothing is better than Oscar De La Hoya and the Skip/Fit, but Roy gave it a shot here. Ah ah ah ah AHHHH. I imagine that unless something awful happens in the ring (and I get the feeling he's going to fade away from active competition very soon), Roy Jones Jr will always be around in some capacity. He works at HBO, which could last forever if he wants it to, and he'll always find weird projects like this because he's got this certain level of celebrity that keeps him in the mix for this stuff.

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