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Chris Arreola Faces Alonzo Butler on November 5

Heavyweight contender Chris Arreola will be back in action on November 5 as previously planned, facing Alonzo Butler in Leon, Mexico. It will be the 30-year-old Arreola's first pro fight in Mexico, and it has him excited.

"It's hard to explain my feelings about fighting in Mexico," said Arreola. "It's like, I'm thrilled because of their love for real fighters, but at the same time, it is important for me to put on a great show and live up to those expectations. It truly is a great honor to fight in Mexico and to box in a true Mexican environment. It's such a beautiful country, there's nothing like it as a fighter.

"I just need to go out there and win convincingly, and keep winning convincingly. It's a great feeling for Televisa's interest of having me fight in Mexico, in front of the many fans that I want to see that I'm a true Mexican warrior."

Arreola also thinks Butler will help him make a great fight for the fans.

"As for my opponent, Alonzo Butler, I know he's got 21 knockouts in his 28 wins, and I have 28 KOs in my 33 victories, so you can bet it will be a wild swinging fight."

Butler (28-2-1, 21 KO) is probably pretty well-known to fans of the American heavyweight division who have been searching for a "next great American heavyweight." He had some buzz a few years ago, but that has dropped off big since 2008, when he lost to Friday Ahunanya, a fighter defeated by Arreola earlier this year. Since the Ahunanya fight in 2008, Butler is just 2-2, beating a pair of guys with losing records, and also losing a majority decision to Travis Walker earlier this year. Arreola stopped Walker in three wild rounds back in November 2008.

Most likely he's just another stay-busy opponent for Arreola, who has fought four times already this year, all against mediocre opposition, in an effort to make sure he stays in shape and stays active. The Mexican-American slugger is targeting a possible fight with Wladimir Klitschko next year, and both sides have expressed serious interest. Right now, Arreola is just staying on track and trying not to jeopardize what could be a huge opportunity.

Arreola vs Butler will be televised in Mexico by Televisa.

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