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Amir Khan on Pacquiao vs Marquez, Floyd Mayweather, and Timothy Bradley

Amir Khan is picking Manny Pacquiao to knock out Juan Manuel Marquez. (Photo by Ned Dishman/Getty Images)
Amir Khan is picking Manny Pacquiao to knock out Juan Manuel Marquez. (Photo by Ned Dishman/Getty Images)
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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Amir Khan, who is doing commentary tomorrow for Primetime in the U.K. (despite leaving the network as a fighter to go back to Sky Sports), has given his thoughts on tomorrow's fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, plus press rival Timothy Bradley, and a potential bout next year between himself and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

On Pacquiao vs Marquez III:

"Marquez looks too big, he looks very heavy upper body and that's going to work against him because he's more of a counter fighter and a guy who's quick and catches you in between shots. But for this fight Marquez has been training to put pressure on Manny and push him back but that'll work against him because he's not used to that style and he's way too big for his size.

"I believe within five rounds Manny will win this fight - he will definitely do a job on him. It could be one of those battles where one punch could change a fight but I just don't think Marquez has it in him."

"Since their last two fights I think Marquez has aged a lot more than Manny, he was outboxed by Mayweather, and Manny will probably be the guy to knock him out - I think this could be one of his last paydays. I've been watching Manny in training and he is looking really good so I don't think he has anything to worry about," he said.

On Mayweather vs Khan (Khan on Khan):

"The fight between me and Mayweather won't happen until the end of next year, maybe even later than that, so it's no rush for me. I'm only 24 and will be 25 by then but Manny against Mayweather is a fight that everybody wants to see, so it's one that has to happen."

One thing should be clear: Khan will not be Floyd Mayweather's May 5 opponent, or at least that appears to be a longshot right now.

On Bradley vs Casamayor, and the chance he'll fight Bradley:

"It's a fight Bradley should win [against Casamayor]," said Khan. "We offered him the fight twice and he refused both times so he will be a little bit embarrassed by that. I don't know the exact reasons behind it so I'm sure if I do see him we will probably have a chat because I remember before I fought Maidana he said to me ‘you win that fight and it'll be a good fight between both of us' and I thought the fight was going to happen."

"I want to move up to 147 pounds but don't think he will take the fight on now because it's too much for him to risk - he's looking for a big payday fight against Mayweather or Pacquiao. The world knows I wanted that fight and offered it to him on paper and he stayed quiet when it was put to him."

I like when Khan says, "I don't know the exact reasons behind it," which may be true since he adds the word "exact." I'm sure he's got a pretty good idea the reasons behind it.

Khan returns to the ring on December 10, facing Lamont Peterson.

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