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Carl Froch Writes Off Lucian Bute Ahead of Andre Ward Clash

Carl Froch now says he's not concerned about facing Lucian Bute next year. (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)
Carl Froch now says he's not concerned about facing Lucian Bute next year. (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)
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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

WBC super middleweight titlist Carl Froch is gearing up for his December 17 showdown with Andre Ward, a fight that will also have Ward's WBA belt and the Super Six World Boxing Classic trophy on the line. But without looking past Ward, whom Froch says he's taking "very, very seriously," the British star isn't much concerned about facing Lucian Bute after the tournament, should Froch win:

"The winner of this fight will be the WBC and WBA champion and they'll be talking about a fight with Lucian Bute but he's out of the equation really, he's not up there with the best in the world like me and Ward."

Bute is coming off of a very dull decision win on November 5 against Glen Johnson, a fight that really did the Romanian-Canadian no favors when all was said and done, as the two friends and former sparring partners fought like, well, friends who were sparring.

Still, Bute vs the winner of the Super Six has long been desired by boxing fans, and I just can't see the demand going away. Bute's win over Johnson and the Super Six final are still close enough together (they were originally scheduled to be back-to-back weekends) that the schedules should line up without any problem, and it's hard to imagine Showtime not trying very hard to make the fight.

Now this could all be a lot of bluster from Froch, who just recently said that he does want to fight Bute and pick up "the other title" after defeating Ward, but there will be a strong offer from Sauerland Event for Froch to rematch Mikkel Kessler, and I imagine that would be win or lose. Their idea to bring Froch vs Kessler II to Copenhagen is probably faulty (I can't imagine Carl conceding home field to Kessler after losing to him in Herning), but the fight itself could happen, and could be more attractive to Froch than a bout with Lucian Bute, which would likely have its own location issues.

And then there's Andre Ward, sitting over there in Oakland and just getting himself ready for December 17 while Froch works the press.

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