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Ward vs Froch: Is Super Six Final the Biggest, Most Important Fight in Division's History?

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Here's another installment in the Showtime "I Am a Fighter" video series, a quick look at Carl Froch, the WBC super middleweight titlist who faces Andre Ward on December 17 in the finals of the Super Six World Boxing Classic.

Froch (28-1, 20 KO) and Ward (24-0, 13 KO) are fighting for Froch's WBC belt, Ward's WBA belt, the Super Six trophy, and the Ring Magazine world championship, which is vacant, and has been at 168 pounds since Joe Calzaghe went up to light heavyweight, won the Ring belt there from Bernard Hopkins, and didn't look back.

Here's a question: Is Froch vs Ward the biggest fight in the division's history, or, in case you disagree with me about what is the biggest fight in the division's history, allow me to ask a different question.

Is Froch vs Ward a bigger fight than the 2007 battle between Joe Calzaghe and Mikkel Kessler? I know Calzaghe vs Kessler was "only" watched by 1.4 million in the U.S., which HBO panicked about at the time, but I can guarantee that's more viewers than will watch this fight live in the States, and this one is actually taking place here, with a top American fighter. The live draw in Cardiff for Calzaghe vs Kessler will, of course, blow away the Atlantic City turnout, and I think that Calzaghe vs Kessler still meant more to more boxing fans than Ward vs Froch will.

That's not to say this isn't a big fight, because it's a legit fight for the division. But I think there's been the idea that it's the biggest fight in the history of the super middleweights, and I just don't feel that's true. And considering Calzaghe vs Kessler was a clear 1 vs 2 deal, with two undefeated fighters, one of whom had long dominated at the weight, I don't think it's really a stronger or more important matchup either. But maybe I'm wrong.

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