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Abner Mares: "I Can't Wait to Fight and Beat Agbeko Again"


Below are quotes from a Wednesday conference call with three of the four fighters featured on Showtime's December 3 bantamweight double-header. Abner Mares defends the IBF and WBC silver titles in the main event, a rematch of a highly-controversial fight in August with Joseph Agbeko.

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"I still have something to prove - that I'm a complete fighter. I just can't wait to get into the ring and beat Agbeko and beat him a different way. I know it's going to be a great fight and he's a great ex-champion."

"I'm blessed and honored to have had some great fights against great fighters. The guys I've beaten have given me great experience and have done so much for me mentally. It means that I can beat the best and have success at this level."

"I've grown and I've learned from every fight. Each one I learn a little something new. Fight fans want to come see me because they know what Abner is going to bring and they want to come to see what I'm going to do next. I train to become a better fighter because you never quit learning."

"I'm a fighter that always likes to go to the body. Agbeko is the kind of fighter that leans down but you're not going to see any of that in the next fight. It's going to be a tremendous fight and I think people will leave very happy."

"I'm a perfectionist and I'm definitely going to go to the body. I'm going to throw a lot of body punches. If I see that the ref is saying my punches are too low then I'm going to stop doing it."

"I think Agbeko is a more complete fighter than the last two fighters I fought (Yonnhy Perez and Darchinyan). The way he kind of pulls down and the way he hides his head is pretty good."

"What I tell everyone is that if I would have been penalized or had a point taken away in the early rounds (of the first Agbeko fight), I would have definitely stopped going to the body. I thought most of my punches were right at the belt line. It was not my intention to hit him low like that and I didn't mean to hit him there. I fought my best and he fought his best and the fans were excited about the fight."

"But, most definitely, I do see where all the controversy comes from. There were some low punches but I tried to correct them. There were times when he pulled my head down and the ref told him not to. I thought at one point I was going to get penalized but I just went to a neutral corner and just saw the ref started counting. It's not my fault. I can't tell the ref to stop counting, so you can't blame me for that. That's why I have no problem fighting him again and I can't wait to fight and beat him again."

"All eyes are going to be on me and waiting for me to make the mistakes, but I'm determined to go to the body like I always do. We're ready. We have plan A and plan B and plan C."

"I can't wait till Dec. 3, so I can show everyone what Abner Mares is made of."

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