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Don King: "I Don't Count Joseph Agbeko's Loss to Abner Mares"


Below are quotes from a Wednesday conference call with three of the four fighters featured on Showtime's December 3 bantamweight double-header. As main eventer Joseph Agbeko could not make the call, his promoter Don King filled in and spoke on the fighter's behalf. Agbeko faces Abner Mares in a rematch of their highly-controversial August 13 fight.

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"It wasn't Mares' fault that there was a bad referee in the last fight. Everyone in the world condemned the poor performance he put in, which really changed the outcome of the fight. Hopefully this time the fighters will decide on what they will do and how they will do it in the ring."

"Showtime has got a big winner here and I'm looking forward to it with great anticipation."

"I truly don't count the last fight and the loss (Agbeko) had because of the faults of Mr. (Russell) Mora and his poor officiating. However, now it's up to Agbeko to stand up and be accounted for and that he can redeem himself. He knows that he's the one that has to do this."

"I will be there for the fight in California. I think Mares is a great fighter and he's really articulated well about what happened in the last fight. However, I think the blemish is a big one because of the low blows that were thrown and there was no rectification by the referee or condolence by the man who was supposed to be watching the referee and telling him what to do."

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