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Cotto vs Margarito: Cowboys Stadium, Denver, San Antonio in the Running

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

With New York expected to deny Antonio Margarito's license, Top Rank is said to be on the hunt, aggressively looking for a new venue for the fight, which was to take place at Madison Square Garden.

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated says on Twitter that Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, is in the running, and that Denver and San Antonio are also being mentioned.

Denver is a city that Top Rank is hoping to build into a new fight location, as they've been impressed by the draw that local fighter Mike Alvarado has become, and they feel it's a market that is hungry for boxing. San Antonio would make sense, as there's a large Latino population in the city.

As for Cowboys Stadium, there are pros and cons. The con is that it's a massive structure, and on two weeks' notice, it would be damn near empty in there. If you thought it seemed cavernous for Manny Pacquiao's two fights in the stadium, keep in mind the best they could really hope to draw given the notice and the matchup is maybe 20,000, and that's absolute high-end.

But the pro is that Arum and Jerry Jones have worked together, and the building is open that weekend, with the Dallas Cowboys on the road against the Arizona Cardinals on December 4. Despite not being an ideal fit, it could possibly be the easiest move.

As for San Antonio, the AT&T Center (where the Spurs play) is booked on December 3, and Denver's Pepsi Center, home of the Nuggets and Avalanche, is open that night, but the Avalanche do play the Detroit Red Wings the following evening. There are alternative options in those cities, but those venues may not be available.

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