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Ricky Hatton Thinks Mayweather Can Beat Pacquiao, Will Have Trouble With Khan

Ricky Hatton speaks highly of Amir Khan and thinks that Khan could give Floyd Mayweather a very tough fight.  (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Ricky Hatton speaks highly of Amir Khan and thinks that Khan could give Floyd Mayweather a very tough fight. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
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In an interview with Gareth Davies of The Telegraph, Ricky Hatton had a couple comments regarding potential matchups for Floyd Mayweather Jr. After the Juan Manuel Marquez fight, the consensus opinion is that Pacquiao is going to get dominated by the slick defense of Money May. It seems that Hatton is just another observer whose opinion of Pacquiao has gone down dramatically.

"I thought Manny had problems with Marquez's style and maybe he would always have problems with that style. Pacquiao is a pure fighter. On the strength of that contest and performance, it is hard to see how Manny would beat Floyd Mayweather if they actually ever meet in a ring. I know people really talk that fight up, and are really excited about it happening, but I actually think that though people are talking about it as one of the biggest fights of all time, it could actually be an anti-climax because it could be a wide points decision for Floyd over Manny."

I pretty much see the fight in the same exact way. Floyd's best attribute is defense, specifically making his opponent reluctant to release his hands. If Marquez effectively halved Pacquiao's punch output, there is no telling what Floyd can do to Manny's punch output. However, this was not the only matchup that Hatton commented on. He also gave his thoughts on a potential fight between Floyd and Amir Khan.

"You really have to marvel at how much Amir has come on since he lost to Breidis Prescott three years ago. He has become a formidable boxer. Amir has that in-out style which could give Mayweather problems. Floyd likes fighters coming straight at him and Amir has the style to challenge Floyd. I'm not saying he would beat Floyd but I think he has a good chance against him. Floyd has that style like James Degale, who looks like a world beater when someone's coming at him. I'm a huge fan of Amir and how much hard work he has put into his career in to trying to get to the top of the sport."

I think Khan could give Mayweather problems, but not for the same reasons that Hatton states. Khan's best attribute is speed. He has power and speed, which are both attributes that can trouble Mayweather. Mayweather is not as fast as he used to be and his legs don't have the spring they used to have. However, Khan's defense is terrible. If he can't stop Marcos "Slower than Molasses" Maidana from punching him in the face, then Floyd is going to be able to tee off on him all day long. The only question is can Floyd get out of the pocket quick enough to avoid counter shots from Khan. In my opinion, I think he can quite easily, but I would really want to see it. The question to you guys is then what potential Mayweather matchup do you think would make a better fight? Khan or Pacquiao?

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