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Cotto vs Margarito 2: Miguel Cotto's Greatest Hits (Video)

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

In just five days, Miguel Cotto will climb back into the ring with Antonio Margarito, three and a half years after their epic and later highly controversial first meeting, for a rematch at Madison Square Garden. Here's HBO's Greatest Hits video for Miguel Cotto:

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The lineup of fights chosen is what you'd expect, so let me note a few things I thought while watching this video:

  1. Miguel Cotto with hair is weird.
  2. I now am more convinced than ever that Amir Khan didn't hit Zab Judah with a low blow. I'd forgotten exactly how dramatically Zab reacts when actually hit with a low blow. If Khan had gotten him low, he'd have flopped around and screamed.
  3. Jim Lampley's old Miguel Cotto love was really out of this world. Way worse than any bias they show toward Manny Pacquiao or anyone else. I especially love how Lampley compliments Cotto's decision to throw Clottey on the mat. I mean, it's not that I have anything against what Cotto did (Clottey kind of asked for it, boxing is hard, etc.) but to act like it's a great three-punch combination or something is wild.
  4. Miguel Cotto is a really good fighter and I think his legacy will age pretty well.
  5. Yuri Foreman's corner should have come in when Mercante DID stop the fight and thrown 10 straight towels in his face.

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