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Cotto vs Margarito 2: HBO Fight Speak - Miguel Cotto

In this short video, HBO asks Miguel Cotto to take them through the first fight and then some pointed questions about Antonio Margarito's hand wraps in the first fight. Cotto essentially says that he felt great in the beginning of their first fight and then Margarito beat him up in the last three rounds. From what I remember from the fight, Cotto was absolutely dominating in the beginning of the fight. He was hitting Margarito at will and did an effective job at avoiding punches.

Some people will want to attribute the change in momentum as a sign that Margo was cheating. Another explanation is that Cotto simply ran out of steam because of Margarito's constant pressure. Margarito was caught with plaster of paris in his handwraps before the Mosley, so people assume that he used plaster of paris in this fight as well. I don't want to make a definite call, but I will give you the drying times for the different types of plaster

From Wikipedia:

Type Start of setting in Setting time Volume change
1.A-fast setting 2 min 15 min +1%
2.B-regular setting 6min 30min +1%
3.C-slow setting 20min 90min +2%

Cotto then speaks about the heated exchange between himself and Margarito in Face Off segment with Max Kellerman, specifically about showing Tony the photographic evidence. Cotto thinks that Margo's answer was poor and he believes that Margo cheated in their first fight. Finally, they ask Cotto why he can win this time. I'll let you guys figure that one out for yourselves.

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