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Cotto vs Margarito 2: Margarito Hits The Speed Bag

Earlier today Top Rank posted this video of Antonio Margarito hitting the speed bag in front of members of the press.

I'm not an expert in the boxing gym or anything, but I'm pretty sure that I can hit the speed bag better than Antonio Margarito. In full disclosure, when I hit the speed bag, I sometimes do it with my eyes closed because I feel that the sound is more helpful in terms of timing. However, If you believe that hitting the speed bag is based on hand-eye coordination, then this is a really really bad sign for Margo's eye. During the video, Tony looks like he is trying really hard to hit the bag at the right time. It seems that Margo is trying to do something that is completely unnatural and is really struggling to do it correctly. Finally he awkwardly tries to slam the speed with a hard punch and he can only feebly tap the bag. This video is even worse than that video of Lamont Peterson trying to hit the speed bag and Lamont had only been using a speed bag for 2 months.  

I might be looking too much into this short video but it looks really bad. If he has been boxing professionally since 1994, he probably should be able to hit the speed bag better than that, unless he has a problem. Furthermore if he has trouble finding the speed bag, how is going to find Cotto? Does this video change your view on the upcoming fight?

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