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Cotto vs Margarito Undercard: Pawel Wolak Says He'll Fight Smarter Against Delvin Rodriguez (Video)

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Top Rank's Crystina Poncher caught up with junior middleweight contender Pawel Wolak, who has helped sell a lot of tickets for Saturday's Cotto vs Margarito event on Saturday at Madison Square Garden, and will rematch Delvin Rodriguez in the highly-anticipated pay-per-view opener.

On fighting at "home" in Madison Square Garden:

"It's a lot of excitement. It's a huge card, great fighters on the card. You've got tremendous fights. So, yeah, I'm excited. It's my hometown, my fans are coming, so I've got to perform. I had a great camp. I'm ready to go, man. It's gonna be a great fight. ... There's no extra pressure on me. I've gotta fight smart, I've gotta win every round. I gotta fight a smart fight -- I gotta win. There's no extra pressure for me, because I just had a great camp, so I'm actually very relaxed right now. This is, like, the best training camp I've ever had in my life. I'm so relaxed, I'm very, very close to weight, I'm just hanging out. I'm eating. I'm ready to go, man. To me, this last week, this media, it's unbelievable attention. I've never had anything like this. Just keep it coming, keep going."

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On his training camp:

"We had a long camp, almost nine, ten weeks of actual training. There's no, like, crash course. Everything was done the proper way. Nothing was short. Proper sparring, proper sparring partners, proper rounds, proper running -- everything was done the right way, proper rest, everything was done the right way, and I feel great. And you can see it in me. I'm very relaxed. We measure my numbers, my heart rate and all that, it's off the chart. It's gonna be good. It's gonna be a good fight."

On the first fight with Delvin Rodriguez, and what he does differently this time:

"He finished strong because I was blind in one eye. I'm not gonna give away any secrets. I'm gonna fight hard, fight smart, though. I gotta win every round, I gotta look good, I gotta do the right things. And we've done, in camp, like I said, we had a tremendous camp. We've worked on things over and over again, muscle memory, doing things that are gonna beat him, gonna get to him. Still aggressive, gotta do it a little bit smarter, though. Little bit better boxing."

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On the rematch living up to the hype:

"It's gonna be a fight, that's it. It's gonna be a fight. ... Probably, I'm not really concerned about that. It's gonna be a good fight though."

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