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Monte Barrett Reportedly Fails New Zealand Drug Test, David Tua Appealing August Fight

Monte Barrett reportedly failed his drug test in New Zealand for his August win over David Tua. (Photo by Leon Rose/Getty Images)
Monte Barrett reportedly failed his drug test in New Zealand for his August win over David Tua. (Photo by Leon Rose/Getty Images)
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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

On August 13 in New Zealand, heavyweight veterans David Tua and Monte Barrett fought for a second time, and put on a pretty good show overall considering the state of both fighters and their ages.

Now, almost four months later, news has come out of New Zealand that Barrett, 40, failed his post-fight urinalysis, testing positive for the stimulant methylhexanamine, which is outlawed across all sports.

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From 3News:

Lawyer Blair Edwards wants the World Boxing Organisation to take action.

"We've asked the WBO to overturn the result of the match. We have also asked for the return of the belts that Barrett has in his possession and we have asked for David’s rankings to be reinstated to be where they were before the fight," says Mr Edwards.

While the WBO is not aligned with the international drug testing body WADA, Tua says a failed test is a failed test.

Tua told the Truth Weekender that he wants the fight overturned and his belts back and all that, but also a third fight with Barrett:

"Monte came to New Zealand telling everyone how hard he had worked to get into the best possible shape for the fight," Tua said. "Now it seems he is just a drugs cheat. He has fooled everyone and robbed me of an honest result. There’s only way one way to put this behind us. He needs to come back to New Zealand and step into the ring with me again. I’ll make sure he needs some drugs by the end of the fight."

Tua, 39, is years removed from his prime, but then so is Barrett, and neither of them ever managed to capture a major title even in an era noted for its weak heavyweight boxing scene. But the two fighters have made for a pair of good fights, and while interest in a third fight would be low in the States and, well, most places, it would sell tickets in New Zealand again, and give them a payday that they might find impossible to duplicate otherwise.

Barrett and his team have not commented on the matter.

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