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Pacquiao vs Marquez 3: Tony Weeks Official as Referee, Judges Named

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

As previously reported, referee Tony Weeks will be the third man in the ring for Saturday's fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, according to Jake Donovan, and judges have also been named for the bout.

The three judges scoring the fight at ringside will be veterans Glenn Trowbridge, Dave Moretti and Robert Hoyle.

Weeks is most famous for being the referee of the first fight between Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo, but he's been in the ring with both of these guys. His biggest assignment to date was Pacquiao's December 2008 win over Oscar De La Hoya, and he's also refereed four other fights involving Saturday's main eventers: Pacquiao vs Barrera II, Mayweather vs Marquez, Casamayor vs Marquez, and Marquez vs Salido. As noted before, Weeks is a fine referee, one of the best in the sport, and one of only two Nevada referees, in my mind, who has earned this big fight position, along with Kenny Bayless.

Glenn Trowbridge has judged four Pacquiao fights in the past, including two of his rematches with faded Mexican stars and past rivals. He scored Pacquiao vs Barrera II 118-109 for Pacquiao, and was ringside but not needed for Manny's three-round thrashing of Erik Morales in the third fight between those two warriors back in 2006. He was also ringside for Pacquiao's fights with Shane Mosley (119-108 Pacquiao) and Ricky Hatton. The only Marquez fight he's worked was the rematch with Juan Diaz, which Trowbridge scored 118-110 for Marquez.

Moretti is also a Pacquiao familiar, having worked five of his fights over the years. He has been a judge for Pacquiao's fights with Mosley (120-108), Miguel Cotto (108-100 at time of stoppage), Oscar De La Hoya (80-71 at time of stoppage), and the first and second fights with Erik Morales. Trowbridge was in line with the other two judges, tipping the first fight to Morales by a score of 115-113, and had Pacquiao ahead 86-85 at time of stoppage in the rematch. Moretti was ringside for the Mayweather vs Marquez snoozer in 2009, scoring it 119-108 for Floyd, and judged another Marquez fight in the past, but he may not remember it: He was ringside for Marquez's TKO-3 win over Francisco Arreola back in 1998.

Hoyle has the least experience of the three when it comes to these two fighters, having never worked a Pacuqiao fight, and just one Marquez bout. He had Marquez ahead of Michael Katsidis by a score of 77-74 when that fight ended in November 2010.

Bradley vs Casamayor

Judges and a referee have also been named for the Timothy Bradley vs Joel Casamayor fight. Vic Drakulich will referee, and judging the fight will be Adalaide Byrd, Burt Clements, and Levi Martinez.

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