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Joe Calzaghe Talks About His Boxing Career, Acting Lessons and More (Video)

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Here's recent video of Joe Calzaghe on "Calzaghe's Corner" talking about what he's been up to, and looking back a bit on his boxing career.

Calzaghe's going to try to go into acting, which seems like it could work -- I could imagine him playing a quiet tough alongside Vinnie Jones or something. But when they talk about a possible Joe Calzaghe biopic, I don't know. Is there anything that sounds more boring? "And then he won a fight. And then he won another fight. And then he won another fight. Later he did cocaine. But then he took acting lessons."

There is a saying that nice guys (or in Calzaghe's case, extremely successful guys with no known major dramas) make for bad books, and I suspect they make for awful movies if you don't greatly stretch the truth. Brooks Robinson, as an example. Great ballplayer, great guy. Everyone liked Brooks. Boring man. Too nice. Ty Cobb: Greater ballplayer, total asshole. Fascinating to read about.

I do still wonder about Joe getting back in the ring. He seems smart enough to know that as he's closing in on 40 and hasn't fought in three years, the time for anything legitimate has passed. There are guys who would love to fight him (Carl Froch, obviously, and Bernard Hopkins), but though he seems like he might have the itch, I don't expect him to act on it.

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