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Mares vs Agbeko 2: Abner Mares and Oscar De La Hoya Final Press Conference Quotes


"I can't reveal what my key to winning is, but what I can say is that I am going to fight my fight, a smart fight. There's obviously been a lot of controversy going into this fight, but whatever pressure I felt is gone.

"I feel I did my job last time, but I know I need to perform at my best and win again. Agbeko thinks he should have won and has trained hard and is here to win. He'll be bringing everything's he's got, so I feel we are both coming in with something to prove.

"I don't really expect him to do anything differently, but you never know once the bell rings. I just know I'll be ready for anything and everything.

"This will be one of my hardest fights. He's a great champion, but he never really hurt me in our first fight.

"The fans will definitely experience a great fight. The expectations for both of us to perform at the highest level are there.

"I'm the champion and he is coming into my house to try to take what I trained so hard to win, and I'm here to prove I deserve to be world champion - and I will."

PROMOTER OSCAR DE LA HOYA (Golden Boy Promotions)

Photo by Esther Lin/Showtime

"Abner Mares is an honorable young man. Being the fighter and the man that he is, he called for this rematch. He could have fought another guy, but he wanted to clear up any controversy that may have surrounded their first fight and he wanted to fight Agbeko again.

"The bottom line is Abner holds the beautiful IBF belt and that we at Golden Boy are very proud of him for becoming our first home-grown world champion. On Saturday, we expect him to leave no doubt he is the best bantamweight in the world.

"I'm very excited about Saturday's big event and thrilled to be working with so many of my good friends and fellow promoters. From top to bottom, we have put together an outstanding night of fights."

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