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Cotto vs Margarito 2: Final Press Conference Video and Quotes

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Here's a video package highlighting yesterday's main event press conference in New York City for the Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito rematch on Saturday:

Robert Garcia, Margarito's trainer:

"There's not much to be said. We had a great training camp. I'm sure Cotto had a great training camp also. Let's just go out and give the fans a great fight. That's what it'll be. We're prepared for the best Cotto, Tony is mentally, physically ready."

Pedro Diaz, Cotto's trainer:

"I don't like to talk too much. I want to tell all the fans and all the boxing family you're gonna see a great fight on December 3, with a different ending."

Quotes from Margarito and Cotto after the jump.

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Antonio Margarito:

"Here comes the criminal. Open the doors for the criminal. ... I've been called a criminal by this man next to me. I don't know why he calls me a criminal. I am not a person that beats up on his own family. They've said I'm not a great person, that I'm not a gentleman. I don't know why they say that. He says he's not going to have mercy for my eye. He can hit my eye as many times as he wants. He hits like a little girl. A super flyweight hits harder. If he wants to take it personal, I'm taking it very personal, too. He can do whatever he wants. He's not going to beat me. Never.

"I'm very confident with my preparation. I'm better than the first time. I want to thank everybody here, from HBO to Bob Arum, for making this fight happen, and all my fans. I wanna thank all my team because we had a great training camp and prepared very well for this fight."

Miguel Cotto:

"I'm going to talk in Spanish so Antonio can receive a direct message from me, and he can understand well.

"If you don't know what criminal means, you can look it up in the dictionary. Someone that uses a weapon. We spoke about the wraps during the Face Off, and I asked you about them, and I showed you a picture of them. You're an embarrassment to boxing, OK? This Saturday night, you're gonna see what this little girl is gonna do to you. We'll see you Saturday in the ring."

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