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Khan vs Peterson Rematch: March 31 in Las Vegas Is Team Khan Target

Amir Khan could get his rematch with Lamont Peterson as soon as March 31, in Las Vegas. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Amir Khan could get his rematch with Lamont Peterson as soon as March 31, in Las Vegas. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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Shah Khan told BBC Sportsweek (via that he's hoping Amir Khan will get a rematch on March 31 in Las Vegas, after being upset last night in Washington, DC, by Lamont Peterson.

Vegas would be the most natural neutral ground, but of course there is one big issue that could stand in the way: Amir Khan doesn't draw in Las Vegas. His fights with Marcos Maidana and Zab Judah both had serious problems at the gate. The 8,647 that last night's card in DC pulled in trounce what Khan has done in Vegas main event positions against Maidana and Judah.

And there's certainly no guarantee that Peterson travels well to Vegas, either -- Zab Judah didn't in July.

Let's assume the rematch will not take place in Washington, DC. I doubt Khan and his team allow that to happen, and even without the belt, they do still call a few of the shots here, as Peterson doesn't have any equal money options himself.

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But you can also probably count out the UK, if Team Khan is already talking about Vegas this quickly. The UK is cute to tell a bunch of drunk British guys at the post-fight presser, and they'd do a good draw there for sure, but part of this comes down to HBO, and they don't really love traveling overseas or airing fights in the afternoon, and in 2011 you cannot do tape delay effectively -- everyone who wants to see it will find a way to watch it live.

Vegas doesn't make sense for a draw, but half the HBO team crying last night amounted to, "This wouldn't happen in Vegas!" as if there's never been any issue with a referee in Las Vegas or any complaints about scoring in Las Vegas, the most wonderful, lovely boxing city on earth where the clouds are made of candy and fairness rains down on all.

So it's regarded as a fair commission, and one of the casinos will pay good money to host it and hand out freebies to its high-rollers. It is what it is. Figure on Vegas.

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