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Viloria vs Segura: Giovani Segura Has Broken Orbital Bone After Loss to Viloria

Flyweight contender and former junior flyweight world champion Giovani Segura reportedly suffered a broken orbital bone last night in the Philippines, with the injury coming early in his TKO-8 loss to Brian Viloria, according to his team.

Segura (28-2-1, 24 KO) will remain hospitalized in the Philippines for the time being.

The 29-year-old Segura gave a valiant effort, fighting through massive swelling on the right side of his head and the eye injury to stay in the fight as long as he did, but he did often look simply overmatched against the smarter, more controlled, far more accurate Viloria (30-3, 17 KO).

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It's worth wondering if it might be time for Segura to get a new chief second in his corner. He's trained by Javier Capetillo, the disgraced former trainer of Antonio Margarito (who also suffered a broken orbital bone last year, though not under Capetillo's guidance), and Segura's one-dimensional, wild-swinging ways betrayed him against a fighter sturdy enough to take the shots that landed, and slick enough to avoid the majority of the blows thrown his way. Segura was beaten up and out-gunned last night against Viloria, who was simply too good for the Mexican brawler.

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