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Prince Arron vs Brian Rose: Full Fight Video (Dec. 3)

Here's the December 3 British junior middleweight title fight between Prince Arron and Brian Rose. For those who haven't seen it, it's worth a watch.

Fight discussion after the jump.

What's most stunning about this fight is that judge Phil Edwards found a way to score it 115-114 for Arron (21-4-1, 4 KO). To me, and to most who watched the fight live last weekend, Rose (18-1-1, 5 KO) clearly was the victor, the better fighter on the night, and thankfully got the other two scorecards, because he completely deserved the win. He exposed Arron's weaknesses and put on a bit of a clinic, I thought. They're both solid fighters at the domestic level, but Rose simply was the better man in this one.

I've talked a lot in the last year or so about Arron's improvements, and I think they're real, but what we saw here tells me he's topped out at this level, and without really favorable matchmaking, even the European stage would likely be too much for him.

I don't know if Rose plays higher than British title level either, though. It's not really a knock on either of them, but I think they're hitting their ceilings right about here.

Arron is already tentatively scheduled to come back on February 24 in Bolton.

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