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Cotto vs Margarito Undercard: Full Fights feat. Glen Tapia, Hanzel Martinez and Sean Monaghan

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Top Rank put up most of the Cotto vs Margarito off-TV undercard fights on YouTube. Previously we posted the night's opening bout between Samuel Figueroa and Ibrihim Shabazz, and here's the rest of what they put up. Mike Lee's fight wasn't uploaded, if you're wondering about that.

Glen Tapia vs Mike Ruiz

Really fun, quick fight here, as Ruiz comes to bang and has his moments before Tapia (12-0, 6 KO) closes the show. Tapia has been used in a couple of Pacquiao camps and has received a little hype and push, but I think the jury's still out for now. He's still very young at 22, but in recent fights he hasn't shown a whole lot of power, and he doesn't dig to the body as much as he did earlier in his career, when he was really young.

Hanzel Martinez vs Felipe Castaneda

Martinez, 20, is Antonio Margarito's brother-in-law and a super flyweight prospect now 15-0 (12 KO) trained by Robert Garcia. Judges came back with a majority decision, giving Castaneda a draw on one card, but I thought Martinez definitely won the fight. Not a blue chipper or anything, but very young, getting some experience, and might be worth keeping an eye on.

Sean Monaghan vs Santos Martinez

Monaghan (11-0, 8 KO) is Irish. This is a pretty huge mismatch, but another one worth a quick look since you get a finish and all that.